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There is a rough engraving on its side: "In Memoriam."

Patron of Lost Causes

Basic Information

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Released: Destiny 2: Season of Dawn

Rarity: Legendary

Category: Weapon

Weapon SubCategory: Kinetic / Primary

Weapon Archetype: Scout Rifle

Affiliations: Saint-14; The Speaker; 

Additional / Expanded Information


Acquired from the Sundial activity on Mercury.

Definition Summary


St. Jude is the Patron Saint of Lost Causes amongst Roman Catholics. Due to his name’s similarity to the traitorous figure of Judas Iscariot, his original name of “Judas Thaddaeus” was changed by the Church in order to venerate the forgotten disciple.


As is with the case with most imagery of saints, St. Jude is often depicted holding a club/axe as a reminder of his death. He is also seen with a flame around his head in many icons, representing his presence at Pentecost. 


It’s agreed upon by biblical scholars that St. Jude was the son of Clopas and his mother Mary was the Virgin Mary’s cousin. St. Jude was one of Jesus’ 12 apostles, those figures chosen to spread the word of the gospel. He was also known as Thaddeus or Thaddaeus – said to be a surname for the name Labbaeus which means “heart” or courageous”.


He is generally identified with Thaddeus, and is also variously called Jude of James, Jude Thaddaeus, or Judas Thaddaeus. He is believed to have written the book of Jude.


Luke 6:16 and Acts 1:13 are the only two mentions of St. Jude in the Bible and very little is known about his story. What is known is that Jude became associated with desperate situations because of a letter he wrote to the Churches of the East. In this letter, he says that the faithful must keep going even in harsh or difficult circumstances.


It is believed he was martyred in Beirut in around 65 AD, along with fellow apostle Simon the Zealo. It is thought that early translators of the New Testament from Greek sought to distinguish him from Judas Iscariot by abbreviating his forename.


St. Jude is thought to help in desperate times of need and many wear St. Jude as a pendant on a necklace to provide comfort. He is also believed to intervene in any lost cause and thus became the patron of lost causes as well as the name used for the well-known children’s cancer research hospital.


The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is “To advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment.” Consistent with the vision of founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay.

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