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Your domain is the battlefield. Its ways are your ways.


Basic Information

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Released: Destiny 2

Rarity: Legendary

Category: Weapon

Weapon SubCategory: Power / Heavy

Weapon Archetype: Rocket Launcher

Affiliations: HAKKE; Banshee-44; Gunsmith

Additional / Expanded Information

A Brief Summary of the Fates

  • Three goddesses who preside over the birth and life of humans. Each person’s destiny was thought of as a thread spun, measured, and cut by the three Fates, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos.
  • These figures have different names in many cultures, but the overall stories share the thread of life.
  • Ancient Egyptian text even mentions figures that weave cut and measure the life span of mortals.

Definition Summary

Morrígan (i.e., the “Phantom Queen”) was a goddess of war and seen as the fate of doom and death in battle. She was depicted as a crow flying above the battlefield, transforming those below her into carrion. While she is a lesser known character in mythology, her cultural impact can be seen nearly everywhere.

The Morrígan often are also described as a trio of individuals, all sisters together are called ‘the three Morrígna’. This parallels very well with Destiny’s story of threes. The Fates are known in mythology as the sisters who determine one’s life span. The game uses this repetitively throughout the game. Whether it’s the Deathsingers, the Psion flayers, or Guardians such as Praedyth, Kabr and Pahanin this pops up in weapon names and in flavor text several times.

So here is what meant by the Morrígan. She is the chevron and V, the inverted triangle, the earth element and the third of three sister’s. Her triple source of power needed to regenerate cycles, takes one from life to death and from death to life. She becomes several animals, yet the crow is what she usually is described as. Her job is to watch over warriors and decide there fate in battle. It is an omen to see the Morrigan before war. She appears washing the armor of those whom she has committed to death. If you are visited by this vision you are doomed to inevitably die by her will. She flies over the battlefield, when the soldiers die she feeds on the carrion (dead flesh), which returns the circle of life.

A Warrior named Cúchulainn was a hero of Ulster and the subject of many legends. He was visited by Morrígan and he tried very hard to prevent his death by her will
Cúchulainn was an unstoppable warrior hero in Irish legend who was renowned for being vain over his good looks and his infamous “Warp Spasm” – a violent bloodthirsty berserker rage which caused his face to contort into hideous positions, made his hair stand up on end, and prompted one of his eyes to bulge out of his head, making him look like a monstrous figure. While this was happening he felt no pain and cut down his enemies hacking and slashing throughout the enemy. Also he’s in game as well…

Cúchulainn-D Shotgun
Morrígan appears to him in a vision washing his armor in blood. Having realized what lay ahead of him he now knows he must stay alert when engaged in battle. Several times the Morrigan disrupts his war efforts.
  1. In his first encounter he does not recognize her, as she drives a cow from his territory. He is ignorant of her as a sovereign figure, so he insults her. But before he can attack she becomes a black bird on a nearby branch. She delivers a series of warnings, foretelling a coming battle in which he will be killed: “…it is at the guarding of thy death that I am; and I shall be…
  2. The second time the Morrígan appears as a young woman and offers him her love, and her aid in the battle, but he rejects her offer. Angered by his rejection, she becomes an eel who trips him during his next battle.
  3. Third she becomes a wolf who stampedes cattle across the field.
  4. Lastly as a white, red-eared cow leading the stampede.

Cúchulainn wounds her in each form and defeats his opponents even though. Later she appears to him as an old woman milking a cow with those same three wounds that her animal forms sustained. She gives Cúchulainn three drinks of milk. He blesses her with each drink, and her wounds are healed. Being so proud and vain he immediately regrets blessing her for the three drinks of milk.

She gave him milk from the third teat, and her leg was healed. ‘You told me once,‘ she said, ‘that you would never heal me.

Had I known it was you,‘ said Cúchulainn, ‘I never would have.’ While the armies gather for the final battle, she tells of the bloodshed to come.

Cúchulainn, now knowing his Fate is sealed after sustaining many losses on the battlefield he refuses to die and fall to the ground. So while in his last moments he ties himself to a standing stone using his own intestines to prevent him from dropping to his knees in defiance of fate. The battle waged on and the enemy believed him to be alive for some time because of this.

Over his head is shrieking

a lean hag, quickly hopping

Over the points of weapons and shields

She is the gray haired Morrigu

So be kind to all, and if you hear the cry of a crow, be watchful and humble yourself.

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