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Select application: Flare gun. Water purifier. Interplanetary Positioning System. Encyclopædia Arcana. Personal flotation device. List continues.

MIDA Mini-Tool

Basic Information

Link to Item

Released: Destiny 2

Rarity: Legendary

Category: Weapon

Weapon SubCategory: Energy / Secondary

Weapon Archetype: Submachine Gun

Weapon Perks: MIDA Synergy

Affiliations: Devrim Kay; EDZ

Additional / Expanded Information


There is a humorous segment in the lore in connection to the MIDA Multi-Tool where Lord Shaxx refers to the acronym as meaning “Mars Is Damnably Arid”. 

Perk Description: This weapon grants speed benefits when MIDA Multi-Tool is also equipped.

Definition Summary

M.I.D.A. = Martian Interplanetary Defense Alliance (Faction in Marathon – one of Bungie’s first video games)

This reference is found via a terminal located in Marathon on the level, The Rose. Portions of the text relevant to this item are as follows: 

The MIDA coup was afterwards criticized for its shortsightedness. In an organization that was notorious for its long ranging policies and politicking, the coup was very short-lived: MIDA never seriously accounted for the UEG’s overwhelming superiority in ground forces and warships. In fact, they never attempted to take over the Marathon, which was nearing completion and would have made a very powerful weapon. The Marathon’s massive size made it invulnerable to most normal space attacks, and it would have made a very stable weapons platform.

After the failed coup, the leaders of MIDA were executed for their crimes, and the political organization was banned in all forms.

Within Destiny, this weapon name comes as a throwback to the past. MIDA is the name of a political faction in a game Bungie created years ago called Marathon. In game MIDA briefly seized control of Mars before being defeated by the United Earth Government (UEG). They later evolved into a terrorist organization. This bit of lore was revealed on a level titled “The Rose”. Within this level there is a terminal that shares their story. Terminals have been a large part of Bungie history. They can be found in almost every game they have made. While this seems to cross multiple game universes it is also important to note this weapon and the Multi tool seem to be viable across all aspects of the Destiny as well.

Whatever you enjoy playing, Crucible, Missions, Raid or even Trials, the weapon rewards a skilled hand.

The Flavor text is an expansion on the Multi Tool versatility:

  • Flare Gun = a.k.a. fusee, type of pyrotechnic launcher that produces a brilliant non explosive light, used for signaling, illuminating, or defensive countermeasures
  • Water Purifier = device for process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from water
  • Interplanetary Positioning System = ​Deep space navigation tool that helps plot/course orbital ​determination & flight path control operation
  • Encyclopædia Arcana = Reference work or compendium providing summaries of information from secrets or mysteries
  • Personal Flotation Device = a.k.a. life vest, equipment designed to assist a wearer to keep afloat in water such as an unconscious person or an S.O.S. beacon in case of emergency

Remember before storing this gun in the Vault, please return your tray to the upright position and make sure your seatbelt is fastened.

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