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Destiny Armory Defined entry for 10.03.2019

An ancient instrument of war, battered and worn - but it still fires true. Perhaps it's been waiting for you.

Khvostov 7G-02

Basic Information

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Released: Destiny (Base Game)

Rarity: Common

Category: Weapon

SubCategory: Kinetic / Primary

Archetype: Auto Rifle

Additional / Expanded Information

The paired conflicts of Warmind in game as well as the real life story of Rasputin and the Khvostovs are intriguing.

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This weapon later returns as Khvostov 7G-0X, an exotic weapon achieved by dismantling the 7G-02 to acquire the Khvostov 7G Schematic, which would initiate the We Found a Rifle quest.

Definition Summary

One possible reference of the name is to Aleksey Nikolayevich Khvostov, a Russian statesman and politician. An anti-semite who opposed constitutional reforms, he plotted against many of his colleagues and worked towards assassinating Grigori Rasputin.


Born in 1872 to a noble family, Aleksey attended the Imperial Alexander Lyceum along with many other youths from noble families with bright futures. Following his completion of the Lyceum, he continued his education and became a student of law. He went on to become vice governor of Minsk, before quickly moving to the position of vice governor and then governor of Nizhny Novgorod. Around this time, Grigori Rasputin entered Aleksey’s life – paying the younger man a visit to “look in his soul” and determine his worthiness of the position of minister. Rasputin came away stating that Aleksey was too young for the position – a decision bolstered by another prominent political figure, Count Kokovtsov.


A year following this, Aleksey was elected to the Fourth Imperial State Duma. Three years later, he took position as Minister of the Interior – against the wishes of his uncle, Aleksandr Khvostov. During this time, Aleksy began multiple intrigues against those around him – positioning himself as the next Prime Minister. One such plot involved assassinating Grigori Rasputin, who Aleksey had come to view as a German spy. It was in pursuit of this that he had to resign from his position – followed somewhat quickly by his arrest and imprisonment by the Russian Provisional Government in the February Revolution of 1917. Less than a year later, he was executed by firing squad in Petrovsky Park, following the Bolsheviks seizing of power.

— — —

Another possible reference (especially for the 7G-0X exotic variation in Rise of Iron), is to Dmitry Ivanovich Khvostov. A Russian poet born in 1757, Dmitry represented the late period of classicism in Russian literature – though he is more well recognized for his being an exceedingly prolific author. His style of choice led to his name becoming synonymous in Russian with wanton graphomania (obsessive impulse to write, often devolving into rambling nonsense) and self-important pomposity. Yet, he was also an extraordinary poetry enthusiast – one which was an avid researcher and literary archivist from a respected family of aristocrats who owned a vast library.


Where Aleksey holds a connection in the game of Destiny to the figure of Rasputin – Dmitry holds a connection to the series of field manual pages players acquire in their quest to recreate the exotic auto-rifle. Throughout the pages found, there is called out numerous notes scrawled from one soldier to another – the friends, Dmitri and Vasili. Historically, these two men were also acquainted with each other – Dmitry Khvostov & Vasily Ivanovich Maykov. The two men were relatives who often would have seen each other within the home of Dmitry’s parents in Saint Petersburg – where they would be able to enjoy the literature around them. Where Dmitry would be regarded as a borderline graphomaniac, Vasily made a name for himself as a lyrical poet specializing in ironic verse and comedies.

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