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A Vector-class refit with experimental subspace engines.


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Released: Destiny 2: Beta

Rarity: Legendary

Category: Other

Other SubCategory: Jumpship

Affiliations: Eververse

Additional / Expanded Information


Imprint: mark made by imprinting; to implant firmly in the mind or fix in the memory, or a copy.


Filial Imprinting: When a young animal such as Nidifugous birds acquire several of its behavioral characteristics from its parent, such as migration.

Definition Summary

Angelo d’Arrigo, who died in an aeroplane accident aged 44, was a celebrated Italian hang-glider pilot. His knickname was “human condor” because of his flights with migratory birds.

Perhaps his most dangerous accomplishment was his flight over the summit of Mt Everest in 2004. This was thought to have been impossible, due to the extreme cold, lack of oxygen and the violent jet stream currents. Ironically he learned how to reach extremely high altitudes after studying birds and updraft thermals from the Tupungato volcano.

I think inside any person, there remains one part of birds. Maybe it is possible to find in my mind this little part…

D’Arrigo was flying over the Alps when an eagle came to fly beside him in. This visit sparked his interest in the raptors flight patterns. He later bought a steppe eagle chick in England and taught her to fly. He named her Nike, after the winged goddess of victory.

After many attempts and his “metamorphosis project” which was to learn the real flight of birds, he learned how to fly with raptors. This got the attention of Russian scientists and other global scientific efforts to help reintroduce endangered species to safer migratory paths.

Angelo d’Arrigo noted the flight of a non-motorized hang-glider is very similar to the flight patterns of migratory birds. The birds were hatched in captivity, and without a mentor to teach them their migratory routes, they wouldn’t survive.
D’Arrigo created a solution to this problem. By hatching the chicks under the wing of his glider, they imprinted on him. Once they became familial he taught the fledglings to fly & hunt. This allowed him fly as normal and the birds naturally followed those paths. Later on they could accomplish this without him and even teach their own young.

At the time of his death on d’Arrigo was planning to release two condors which he had raised as chicks into the wilds of Peru. Even though he wasn’t able to foster those birds, he left behind a legendary story and paved the way for others.

Before he passed, D’Arrigo even built a hang-glider from one of Leonardo da Vinci’s designs. He lived his life on the slopes of Mt Etna, he said it was because:

[I]t is where the elements mingle – earth, water, air and fire…

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