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"The Red Legion will march again."
- Caiatl

Heir Apparent

Basic Information

Released: Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy

Rarity: Exotic

Category: Weapon

Weapon Subcategory: Power

Weapon Archetype: Heavy Machine Gun

Weapon Perks: Armor of the Colossus; Heavy Slug Thrower

Affiliations: Cabal; Caiatl; Calus; Ghaul; Guardian Games; Red Legion

Expanded Information

Primogeniture: the state of being the firstborn child; the right of succession belonging to the firstborn child, especially the feudal rule by which the whole real estate of an intestate passed to the eldest son.

Definition Summary

Heir Apparent: an heir whose claim cannot be set aside by the birth of another heir; a person who is most likely to succeed to the place of another. Someone who will definitely inherit the property of another individual after an event or death.

Most of the time this term is seen, it is in reference to an item/title which is only inheritable by a single person. Monarchies refer to the heir apparent in terms of “crown prince / princess”. The term is also used to indicate an “anointed” successor to any position of power, e.g. a political or corporate leader.

An heir presumptive, on the other hand, is someone who is first in line to inherit a title but who can be displaced by the birth of a more eligible heir. In a hereditary system regulated by laws of primogeniture a monarch has a say in naming the heir. Heir apparent can also be identified as the person whose position is first in the line of succession to a title or office is secure, regardless of future births.

Queen Elizabeth II was heir presumptive during the reign of her father, King George VI, because at any stage up to his death, George could have fathered a legitimate son. Women as heirs apparent in a system of absolute primogeniture were technically possible, however such cases were rare. In one special case, however, England and Scotland also had a female heir apparent. That person was Anne, Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland, who reigned from 1702 until her death in 1714.

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