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"Ride the...what's the plural of lightning?"
- Marcus Ren

Galvanic Fork

Basic Information

Released: Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals

Rarity: Exotic

Category: Other

Other Subcategory: Sparrow

Affiliations: Eververse

Expanded Information

There are also strong parallels with that of the horror/science-fiction themes found within stories such as Frankenstein and other works in which reanimation of dead figures occurs through the application of electricity. 

Definition Summary

Galvanic: Energy from a reaction between two substances (a battery) or electric currents produced by chemical action, as in “galvanized lighting rods.”

Named for Luigi Galvani, who was responsible for the famous experiments on frogs, carried out in the second half of the 18th century. While these experiments were mostly legend, they did result in lying the foundations of a new science, electrophysiology, as well as opening the way for the invention of the electric battery. This also lead to developments of the physical investigations of electricity.

Galvani’s scientific endeavors have been largely misrepresented in the history of science. He is often depicted as a lucky scientist who stumbled upon electrical findings and was aimless until the physicist of Pavia, Alessandro Volta, entered the field. 

However, Galvani’s research helped developed the electric battery. During that time the understanding of electrical phenomena was limited to the tools around them. Galvani’s discoveries led him to believe he had found the source of an intrinsic ‘animal electricity,’ as made infamous by the worlds imagination of reanimating dead tissue or even an entire corpse.

In his back garden, Galvani installed a lightning rod, which he connected to a dead frog. When the lightning flashed, energy coursed down the rod and the frog’s leg twitched – proving electricity was not direct in its action and that it did not flow directly from the conductor into the frog muscle but was discharged from the conductor to another element in what he termed as a “metallic arc.” This would play a historical role in the development of bioelectricity.

Galvanizing is a process relating to or involving electric currents produced by chemical action. A galvanic cell (aka voltaic cell) converts chemical potential energy into electrical current. There are two compartments in a galvanic cell, the cathode and the anode.


(ANode = OXidation; REDuction = CAThode)

Galvanized rods were once used to channel lightning and used as a way to help guide electrical current safely to its preferred destination.

Years later, Alessandro Volta’s findings disputed Galvani’s discovery concerning the existence of “animal electricity” – though the resulting developments stood on their own.

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