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- Arach Jalaal

Escape Velocity

Basic Information

Released: Destiny 2

Rarity: Legendary

Category: Weapon

Weapon SubCategory: Kinetic

Weapon Archetype: Submachine Gun

Weapon Perks: Lightweight Frame; Grave Robber (Curated)

Affiliations: Dead Orbit; Arach Jalaal

Expanded Information

The speed at which the sum of an object’s kinetic energy and its gravitational potential energy is equal to zero.

Definition Summary

Escape Velocity: Lowest velocity necessary for an object to escape the gravitational attraction of a particular planet, moon or other object and leave it without further propulsion. In physics, this is defined as the minimum speed needed for an object to “break free” from the gravitational attraction of a massive body.

Earth’s Escape velocity is approximately 40,270 km/h (25,020 mph). A spacecraft leaving the surface of Earth needs to be going 7 miles per second, or nearly 25,000 miles per hour to leave – while a spacecraft leaving the moon’s surface wouldn’t require as much velocity, because the moon has less gravity than the Earth. Jupiter’s escape velocity would be many times higher than that of Earth’s because Jupiter is massive size.

Manned missions to other planets are very difficult to plan, due to ships needing to take enough fuel into space to blast off of the other planet when the astronauts wanted to return. The weight of the fuel makes the spaceship so heavy it would be hard to blast off of Earth.

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