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The bull smells battle.

Aries Ascendant

Basic Information

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Released: Destiny: The Dark Below

Rarity: Legendary

Category: Other

Other SubCategory: Jumpship

Additional / Expanded Information

In astrology, 12 signs are represented for each cycle of the year, each one also corresponds to the month a person is born in. The understanding is that based on planetary alignment, gravitational forces and good ol’ fashioned time of the year, we are given basic characteristics that help shape who we are. However it gets even deeper…

Another influence named Rising signs can influence a person in much more dynamic ways. This is the Ascendant sign that is represented by a location that corresponds to the date and time of birth. I’ll spare the intricate details, just think of it as an add on to your basic sign.

Definition Summary

Aries: 1st of 12 Astrological signs

Ram / Mars = Beginning

Ascendant: Awakening consciousness

Death of one Age & birth of the next Taurus

Culture has changed, challenged and redefined astrology over the years. What we commonly know as horoscope, astrology, etc. has deep roots in science as well. Before the days of astronomy ancient cultures named the stars and constellations. These names often time came from Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythology. The strongest influence in the naming of stars happen with stories dealing with the struggle of humans on earth. Stories even included gods, demigods and heroes placing each other into the heaven’s upon death by Zeus or other events.

Astronomy still uses some of these archaic names and even a few tools to plot, measure and define the stars. The names for constellations such as Virgo, Scorpius or Aries still are identifiable locations. Ascendants are the point at which the ecliptic intersects with eastern horizon at the time of someone’s birth. So this means you can be one sign but also have a rising sign. Ascendants in history also help define the Ages. Such as the Age of Aquarius. These Ages are years rolling into significant changes within culture, often ending one Age through war or catastrophic events.

Bull Age is a mythological Age where the main religion and deity was of the Apis, the bull-deity who was the most important of all the sacred animals in Egypt. The Bull represents Earth and agriculture. The death of this Age was met with the Age of Aries the Ram, a.k.a. The Age of War and Fire. Aries is also associated with Mars.

So as the flavor text suggest is the Age of Earth and life was met with battle and death.

But that’s not all…

Something else is out there and it’s hiding, literally. A 13th sign was tossed aside and no longer is recognized by conventional Astrology. Ophiuchus “The Serpent Bearer” is the 13th hidden sign. He is described as wrestling serpents and even has symbols showing him in an eternal struggle with snakes.

Sound like fun?

So what do you think, is this a nod to the arrival of Aries One on Mars, which lead to the discovery of the Traveler and our awakening? Or is this just a load of bull?

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