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Ankaa Seeker IV

Basic Information

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Released: Destiny 2 Beta

Rarity: Legendary

Category: Armor

Armor SubCategory: Helmet

Armor Perks: Mobile Warlock Armor

Affiliations: Crucible; Warlock

Ornaments: Ankaa Friend Ornament; Fire-Forged Warlock Head Ornament

Additional / Expanded Information

Other Items from Armor Set:

  • ChestThe hotter the furnace, the purer the metal.
  • ArmsFocus not on the death, but on the rebirth.
  • Legs“Developing a theory is one thing – proving it in the field, quite another. That’s the beauty of the Crucible.” – Ikora Rey
  • Class ItemThe phoenix that fights itself, then rises from its ashes stronger than ever. That is the Crucible.

Definition Summary

This is a crucible set of gear that is name after the star Ankaa which means “phoenix” in Arabic. This star lives in the constellation named Phoenix and is a part of a spectroscopic binary star system. That means the components orbit each other in a two star system aka “double star system”. This star will shed its outer layers as a planetary nebula and become a white dwarf relativity soon in astronomical terms. What brings us full circle is the emblem found on the crucible gear it is that of a binary phoenix. The binary phoenix icon is used in Destiny as a an example of testing ones own light upon itself in the crucible. So our death and revival are how we grow. Those that can achieve greatness will hone their Light and shed what they where before.

I know right? This one is an “inception” item…trivia within trivia within trivia. The flavor texts from the other items (shown on sidebar) hold some interesting tidbits as well.

While arguably these are not the most well written flavor text in game and a couple are contentious. They do play an important role in the naming of this gear. Two things stand out in the text:

1) We are made stronger by testing our light against one another and ourselves. This is where the phoenix is representative of Guardians learning how to fight by killing, dying and reviving. As a phoenix rises from the ashes, we must focus on the rebirth. This helps us become stronger each time, by tempering our light.

2) Our trials within the crucible are compared to a real life process.

Now here’s the tricky part.

The hotter the furnace, the purer the metal.

This refers to a Crucible vessel or container made of materials that resist great heat used to purify metals. What’s hard to get past is the mentioning of needing a “hotter” furnace to make a “purer” metal. This seems like a mistake on Bungie’s part and could have been a little more comprehensive. Purifying metals in a crucible only requires heating the metal to a molten state before skimming the slag that rises to the top (this removes the impurities). So this would mean once the furnace is hot enough to liquefy the metal, making the molten metal even hotter by increasing the heat of the furnace is redundant. Right?

Well, not really. 

In common metallurgy, crucibles are used this way for purification. However, on larger scales, with higher quality metal and ultra pure metal refineries, greater heat is required to remove certain impurities. Some impurities need to bond with certain elements before they can be burned away or removed, therefore additional steps are needed to create a better product.

One way to accomplish this is the Bessemer process, where the removal of impurities from the iron is accomplished through oxidation. By blowing air through the molten iron, oxygen is introduced into the melt, removing impurities as well as resulting in the temperature of the iron mass rising, maintaining a liquid state. This process has even evolved over the years and has split or been used in combination with other refinery methods.

The purer metal can become, the stronger and more uniform it will be when casting, forging, or combining with other elements. While a great deal of metals can be made, such as high temperature malleable brass or hardened corrosion resistant medical grade stainless steel, all share one thing. The fundamental crucible pot is still used at the very center of almost every different type of metal foundry.

“If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the Crucible, but if you can, burn bright and shine like a star!”

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