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Welcome to The Elder Scrolls

Researching and describing details like origins of the planet Nirn, the provinces and races of Tamriel, the timeline of major events, the varying religions and interactions with the Gods of Tamriel, etc. can be a very daunting task for the most experienced lore-master. But it is the purpose of this article and future articles to help bring together information from all the games and create a concise story that anyone can understand and enjoy.

Extra Lore #25: Monster Hunter

This installment of the Extra Lore series takes the team to a world where players are invited to experience the ultimate hunting experience – a world full of monsters that are as amazingly fascinating as they are dangerous. The Monster Hunter series revolves around nature & discusses the search for balance within this new world – indeed, this balance with nature is one of, if not the, most important themes of the series’ story. However, this series is largely portrayed visually – which, while this medium presents an awesome sense of immersion to the game, it also makes detailed critical analysis frustrating at times. Much of the information in this series is gained through inference of the material offered.