Lore articles discussing the amazing universe of Destiny

Show Notes – Ep 145 (A Drifter's Gambit)

This week, the team chats about one of the new lore ‘booklets’ introduced in Destiny 2: Forsaken, A Drifter’s Gambit. While there are some minor theories tossed into this week’s discussion, be prepared for a more concentrated analysis of the text…in other words – we’re getting back into the roots of lore analysis thanks to the amazing work from Bungie in this update!

Show Notes – Ep 143 (The Awoken)

This week, the team presents a very high level summary of the new information that we have uncovered within the Forsaken DLC in regards to the Awoken people – note here that this is barely a scratch on the immense mountain of information that we are still trying to fully get our minds around.

Ep 142 Summary

This week, the team discusses the memories that the community shared with us about the Hunter Vanguard. The discussion also becomes an examination of the development of the availability of information and the team’s expectations for the Forsaken DLC that will be dropping later this week on the 5th.

Ep 140 Summary

This week, the team comes together to chat about the information that we have gotten so far about some of the figures from the upcoming DLC, Forsaken – Warning: THERE ARE SPOILERS DISCUSSED WITHIN THIS EPISODE. We break down the different figures and our thoughts so far on the upcoming DLC – with a bit of a debate on the nature of that story and it’s potential transformation of the Destiny universe.

Ep 139 Summary

This week, the team comes together to chat about the abilities of Osiris, in light of the information that we had received from the Curse of Osiris DLC in Destiny 2. Blue is allowed to go on a bit of a rant on the nature of prophecies (so yes, there’s about a 10-15 minute ‘history discussion’ on the terms “prophecy”, “fractal”, and “parable”) as well as a somewhat lively debate on the cast’s thoughts on the nature of the Infinite Forest and what some of that means on our views of Osiris.