Lore articles discussing the amazing universe of Destiny

Show Notes – Ep 170 (The Symmetry)

This week, the team walked through the information that we currently have pertaining to the Symmetry. Joining us for this particular conversation is our good friend, WykidJestr. Fair warning that we go on a few tangents with this particular episode – where previously we’d been given maps of the conversations through the lore books, this particular topic is mostly gathered through various entries and item flavor text.

Show Notes – Ep 169 (Truth to Power)

This week, the team walked through the entries from the lore book, Truth to Power – a collection of entries that cause as much confusion as contention within the Destiny community, it seems. Joining us as well was our good friend, Kole, of Bad [Redacted] Jokes infamy – her mission was to break Blue’s brain with her own spinfoil.

Show Notes – Ep 167 (Dust)

This week, the team took a more conversational approach to the lore book, Dust. Be ready for a few tangents involving dark matter and other space-related topics, some philosophical musings from Blue, and a lot of H.P. Lovecraft. Like a lot. Blame Beard.

Show Notes – Ep 166 (The Warlock Aunor)

This week, the community question segment ran long due to a great debate, so Blue cut the intro notes and jumped directly into the meat of the episode. The team took a more conversational approach to the debates around the character detailed within this week’s lore topic, the Warlock Aunor – a lively topic, as the team themselves are divided a bit on where everyone stands in regards to not just the Praxic Warlock herself, but the overarching choices presented to players within the Allegiance Quest.

Show Notes – Ep 165 (For Every Rose, a Thorn)

This week, join Beard and Blue as they explore the information within the lore book, For Every Rose, a Thorn. Needless to say, there is a spoiler warning for this episode for any who have not collected this particular (and rather significant) addition to the story of Shin Malphur, Dredgen Yor, and the Shadows of Yor.

Show Notes – Ep 163 (Ghosts & Their Guardians)

This week, join Green, Beard, and Blue as they explore the mysterious relationship between a Ghost and their Guardians within the Destiny Universe. Prepare for some diving into spinfoil on the latter half of the episode with Beard and Blue – Green sets them up and then lets them go while she manages this week’s live chat.