Book Club: April 2018

World War Z by Max Brooks


Greetings, Guardians!
The poll has been closed and we’re looking to discuss World War Z by Max Brooks this month. Conversation can be found in the comments section below!
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1 thought on “Book Club: April 2018

  1. This presentation is an interesting one in that there are about 40 different perspective points (i.e., characters) from which we see the events of the outbreak (not including that of the interviewer). Which brings me to a few different questions that I would love to hear some of your thoughts on:
    1) What do you think the purpose of having so many points of view in the presentation?
    2) Do you think there was an advantage in the design of the story of having so many different points of perspective telling the same series of events, but with individual variances? Or did this presentation model do a disservice to the overall narrative? How so?
    3) Did you enjoy the read? Were there any characters that made an impression on you? Which interview was the most compelling for you?
    4) In regards to the Redeker Plan (introduced around chapter 4), what were your thoughts on the various versions of implementation? Do you feel that the actions were justified? How so?
    5) What other extreme reactions to the outbreak do you remember from the book? Which were wrong? Which were justified?
    6) Who was ultimately responsible for the outbreak?
    7) The tone of the book is described often as one of despair turning into hope – do you agree? At what point in the narrative do you feel that change was made?
    8) Besides the zombies – how realistic do you feel the responses of the characters are? For example, the total breakdown of society in response to the outbreak or the above mentioned extreme responses – why do you see them as realistic or not?

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