I'm a 31 year old fan of all trades. It'd probably be easier to list the things I'm not interested in - country music, swap meets, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Icelandic death metal, (I normally say mariachi here but I just watched Coco and kind of fell in love with it LMAO), etc. Things I am always interested in and could talk for hours about include anime and cartoons like Voltron (everything except the cursed show called Vehicle Force), Sailor Moon, Digimon, Pokemon, Shingeki no Kyojin, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam series, Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Clamp, Yuri!! on Ice, Evangelion (what? I like mecha...) etc. I'm also a great fan of the Harry Potter universe, Marvel universe (especially the millions of X-Men universes with extreme bias for my one true love Jean Grey), science fiction (history, novels, series like Lost, SPN, TWD,if I'm being honest I'm still an Animorphs fan at heart ), comedy, video games (no, not all, but I'm partial to anything from Destiny to Kingdom Hearts to Final Fantasy to Legend of Zelda to Katamari Damacy... fight me), music (literally all kinds, classical, folk, rock, jazz, Jrock (remember that), Kpop (you must know about this), hip hop). I essentially just love talking and breaking my interests into components and analyzing them to death with other people. I am married with kids, I'm Catholic, and mental health support, kindness, and respect are hugely important to me. My point is we probably have something in common, so let's talk ;)