Zephyrus: God of the west wind/fructifying wind and the messenger of spring
The gentlest of the (Anemoi)- “4 wind gods” 
He fell in love with Prince Hyacinth and Killed him in a jealous rage after he instead chose to love his rival Apollo 
In Mythology Zephirus is the “west wind” (personified) as Zephyrus aka God of the west wind.
One of the surviving myths in which Zephyrus is featured most prominently is that of Hyacinth. Hyacinth was a very handsome and athletic Spartan prince. Zephyrus fell in love with him and courted him, and so did Apollo. The two competed for the young man’s love, but he chose Apollo, which drove Zephyrus to jealous madness. Later, catching Apollo and Hyacinth throwing a discus together, Zephyrus blew a gust of wind at them, causing the falling discus to strike Hyacinth in the head and thus killing him. When Hyacinth died, Apollo created the hyacinth flower from his blood. Apollo was furious, but Eros protected Zephyrus, as the act was committed in the name of love and on the condition that the wind god served Eros forever
His parents were the goddess of dawn (eos) and a titan (astraeus) in ancient greek religion myth, Anemoi are the wind gods who zephyrus, aka zephyr is god west. A nymph called chloris was kissed by the west wind, zephyrus, and turned into flora aka flowers also synonymous with the spring. This is why Zephyrus is known for producing flowers and fruits by the sweetness of his breath and help of Harpies
The name Zephyrus, eventually evolved into zephyr, a word for a breeze that is westerly or gentle, or both. This was all do to the rise of poets and their usage of mythology in prose.
William Shakespeare, was one of the more famous people who used the word in his 1611 play Cymbeline: “Thou divine Nature, thou thyself thou blazon’st / In these two princely boys! They are as gentle / As zephyrs blowing below the violet.” 
For centuries, poets have eulogized Zephyrus, the Greek god of the west wind, and his “swete breeth”(in the words of Geoffrey Chaucer). But what is most striking about this particular item, is the poetic lore tab describing the seasons changing. The lore tab uses a battle between beast to draw this imagery, “a fight between a snow leopard and a panther”. In the fight we are drawn to the struggle between the two in a personified death of a season and the birth of a new.
Zephyr lore tab
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