Mob rule:To bypass the law for instant justice
Rule of government by a mass of people who can intimidate legitimate authority 
This Weapon and flavor text explore a political philosophy that tells what may happen if mankind is left to make their own happiness without any common rules for what is right or wrong.
Flavor text

  • Gives small groups of people power to rule. It is the highest class in certain societies, especially those holding hereditary titles or office

Venal office (usually corrupt)

  • Office sold by the state in areas of the judicial system, which provided access to power and profit.
  • The most important offices were the most expensive and those that were rich could gain personal noble status to rule.
  • Ochlocracy also means “mobocracy”

1651 book LEVIATHAN by Thomas Hobbes describes aristocracy as a commonwealth which the representative of the citizens is an assembly by part. This book explores what can happen without an Aristocracy in place.
Hobbes wrote a short work on the Elements of Law, Natural and Politique, which supported absolute monarchy. When the political tide turned in favor of the anti-royalists, Hobbes escaped to Paris. There, he wrote De cive in 1642, a work that expanded his political theory. When a Civil War broke out in England, He delivered his political philosophy to the English audience with his book Leviathan in 1651. 
These are his most important writings which tell of a ruled and a sovereign authority could ultimately protect citizens and secure peace. This caused him to be exiled, because it was counter to the Monarchist rule at that time.
Hobbes returned to England in 1651, after his eleven-year exile, and took up residence in London. He died on December 4, 1679, at the age of 91.
It is not wisdom but Authority that makes a law. -Thomas Hobbes
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