Leonid meteor shower=Annual meteor storm-Nov
Radiant location is in the constellation Leo
Caused by comet trail dust & planetary disturbance
The Great Leonid Meteor Storm of 1966, Tempel-Tuttle comet caused a major disturbance when passing the sun & left dust in its wake
In 1966, one of the greatest Leonid meteor displays took place over central and western North America. The Leonids occur every year on or around Nov. 18, when Earth passes through a trail of dust left by the comet Tempel-Tuttle. Every year, witnesses can catch a glimpse of this event where thousands of ultrafast meteors streak across the sky every hour and if your lucky you may catch sight of several.
However approximately every 33 years a rare and much greater Leonid storm can occur after the comet passes closer to the sun, this causes thicker, dusty, ice particles to collect. When Earth travels through this comet’s disturbance it produces a much more vibrant meteor display.
In 2034, Earth is forecast to move through several clouds of dusty debris shed by this comet & hopefully should produce another event. However Jupiter is moving the comets orbit so we may never witness a greater event
In 2002 All over the USA, a spectacular storm was viewed by millions of people on a Moon-less weekend night. Leonid MAC scientists had a prime view of this 1767 dust-trail encounter onboard the FISTA aircraft. It was recorded and still analyzed still today.
In 902 AD, Chinese & pre Egypt astronomers reported seeing the first recorded Leonid storm. It was described as “Stars fell like rain”
So make a wish and it just may come true…
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