One Way Ticket 000

In this item the flavor text suggest the rocket launcher will send you on a permanent vacation to death.
One Way Ticket: Permanent travel to a final destination aka “Death”
Triple Zero:
When resuscitation is futile
Unconscious-No pulse-No respiration
The idea of death being a one way ticket is nothing new, but since the time of travel and currency it has been an expression of travelling to the great beyond.
If something is a one-way ticket to an unpleasant situation, it will cause that situation to happen. This expression is meant to evoke finality. The idea of travel to the afterlife is even apparent in ancient mythology. Some may have even heard stories of a boat carrying the dead to the underworld and having to pay a toll. There are many examples of this in classical literature as well, while the stories may vary.
Triple Zero
A patient who is not viable and for whom resuscitation efforts would be fruitless
. Unconscious
. No pulse
. No respiration
This is often used as a model to ensure the dire needs of individuals needing immediate attention will not be dwelled. EMT or Emergency responders use this as a basis for reading the vitals and if a person may be helped.
The term “Triple Zero” clearly alerts hospital personnel that a patient has suffered irreversible biological death. This trigger phrase indicates a patient who is unconscious, non-breathing, pulseless, has no breath/heart sound & has indications of death.

  • Mummification or dehydration
  • Putrification
  • Incineration
  • Frozen state Trauma where CPR is impossible
  • Decapitation
  • Thoracic/abdominal transection
  • Massive cranial/cerebral destruction of skull
  • Rigor mortis without profound hypothermia

Staying alive, staying alive…ah ah ah ah …
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