Ep 126: Dispatch

Dispatch received from 1fox2fox3fox4 for Episode 126 of Focused Fire Chat


Let me start off by stating how much I absolutely adore the factions and their lore. I also have felt that since D1 although an integral part of Destiny, factions are greatly under used/ misrepresented for game play.  They were mainly put their to prolong the end game and give tiny carrots to chase after in D1. However in D2…there is no point. Factions rallies are just that, pointless. They are not bragging rights nor do they advance the factions lore. Honestly in reflection to the lore and respect to the fall of the tower and its outcomes, why is Dead Orbit still part of the story. Shouldn’t they have taken their opportunity to leave seeing as they were jumping at every opportunity to leave. And New Monarchy, didn’t the outcome of Ghaul’s take over, the “death” of the Speaker and temporary and implied instatement of Zavala as Leader of the Consensus further their goals. This is why I got really annoyed with Destiny 2 and their story telling when it comes to the Factions (and for another tangent, the Iron Banner).They totally disregard D1 and are almost are banking on New Players for D2 not knowing these issues/points.

So how would I fix it.

Simple (tongue in cheek)

I would remove faction rallies from the game and make it like D1, where there is an ongoing “Faction Tension” (  I would not call it a “War” as the faction do not truly hate each other but are rather just bickering Siblings trying to gain favor for their cause). Your account would only be allowed to pledge one faction for the Season and would receive bonuses for staying with a faction for consecutive seasons (much like how we have now with achieving their represented faction ships).

This is where the fun begins. You would only be award armor and weapons through material gathering from planets which can only be gathered for your faction while wearing a faction collecting device (like a backpack or a special ghost). This device would flag you as PvP enabled character in common areas ( a safe 30 second loading in and dispersing time to discourage camping) and you would lose 33% of materials upon death from which the enemy faction combatant could acquire said materials. Materials would only be transferred to your faction satellite plants via orbiting ( which you may not do while engaged with an enemy faction or enemy of the Darkness). Lost sectors would provided a safe haven as they are still instances and would provided materials for faction albeit smaller amounts than regular zones ( however there would be a 5 minute timer once the sector is exited to avoid farming that specific sector and is an unorbital zone while inside, there must be a risk/reward element). Obviously public event would reward this biggest amount of faction materials as this is a huge risk/reward. This is how you would acquire faction materials in PvE.

Obtaining faction materials in PvP would be based on a bidding/gambling system. Each day your account would receive a donated sum of faction materials based off of 3% of the total overall PvE faction materials collected from the previous season (first season this is implement would be at Bungie’s Discretion). At the start of the faction PvP match you will be able to add to your factions team pot any amount that you wish. The match would then start with each factions contributions added to the reward pool. PvP type would be 4v4v4, 3v3v3v3 or 6v6 based off the available queue and would be a weekly rotation of control, clash, rift, king of the hill/zones or salvage. The winning of the crucible match would be 40% of the total of pot with the remaining value percentage based off the typical pvp types rewards reflecting gameplay. At the end of the day all bidded/gambled materials would be gathered for the weekly total that are sent to faction Satellite plants and the base faction bid value is replenished for the day.

Now you have probably been asking, “What are these faction satellite plants that you speak of?”

Each faction has satellite orbiting around Jupiter.

  • New Monarchy – Ganymede
  • Dead Orbit – Callisto
  • Future War Cult- Europa

Located on each satellite is a group of  plants where faction materials are sent to allow manufacturing of faction armor and weapons. Obviously these plants will be a huge focal point for the faction as they are the only way to obtain faction loot. To manufacture armor and weapons these plants need to be activated and held by their designated faction. Players will be able to set up defense protocols to protect plants such as reinforced doors, automated turrets and activating programmable frames. These however will be diverting materials from manufacturing to defensive capabilities. Players can also choose to rally and protect these plants as well, this activity is encouraged as leveling you character’s faction is important in obtaining high ranks within the faction. Now each of these satellites has a percentages of total activation. This is based off the amount of players active for their specific faction in comparison to total number of players active with a faction. This is where the end of activity becomes exciting. Each faction is able to siege other factions plants in order to increase their activation percentage and thus lower the others. They can overrun that plants directives and make them inoperable (this does not steal others factions materials, just makes the plant unable to manufacture end game goods until retaken.)

How would a player know what on Earth is going on? At the Tower you can talk to your Faction Representative who will have a forecast map option in their dialogue. This map will give you a general information on total faction activation of plants, total plants activated on your given satellite, total and goals for material gathering and most importantly the conflicts/sieges. The player can the asses where they need to be and what they need to do to help their faction. Players can also access the conflict information in orbit but do not get the overall information as they would from their Faction Representative.

Why would ranks matter? Well on each satellite there are two important operation areas. One is the export station or ES. When armor and weapons are created they then must be exported back to the faction Leaders and their workers for distribution. Only high ranking faction player are able to protect the ES. The area surrounding the ES has vehicle drop zones which will provide diverted material and vehicle production for enemy sieges. The area does have to be cleared of all enemy of the Darkness who are also using drop zones as they have caught wind of productions and manufacturing of goods (Fallen and Cabal, while hive and taken have no interest in the endeavors…for now).The longer these  enemies of darkness roam…the stronger they get at which point they will lay siege on the ES. So it is delicate balancing act of the Faction to pay attention to the drop zone area and culling their PvE problems when needed but not too much as they are a “free” defense line from other factions. The other area is the Operation of Interest or OI. Again this area can only be defended by high ranking faction players and the area is treated much like the ES, however instead of manufacturing, the OI is in charge of creating missions/objectives that the 7 highest ranking faction “leaders” vote on in a weekly basis.  This mission/objective statement would be transmitted to the Faction Representative and would always be broadcast in the viewable conflict maps while in Orbit. Following the voted on mission/objective statement gives you a boost in ranking experience in Faction. Faction experience is also how you rank up faction armor and weapons more quickly (yes I would like to revert back to filling in nodes like year one Destiny 1). These mission/objective statements are a guideline than an order (players should always be given a choice to choose how they want to play). OI  are the highest point on this satellite as to better broadcast to the Tower. This means that they have a strategical advantage over most siege opportunities. These two areas are highly prized by the factions as this is their means of boosting armor and weapons production and experience/ranking within their faction (i.e. the more ES  you control they more of your ships are heading back with armor and weapons. With each opposition OI your faction gets a Factional exp bonuses by 15 percent with a max bonus of 30 percent). By occupying these areas and making them inoperable increases your chances of gaining favor of the Excavation.

Wait…what is the Excavation?!?

Recently there was found an inactive Excavation station on Enceladus. Many scans have found that the inner core of this Moon is very active underneath its frozen smooth exterior. There are materials reminisce of what comets are made of and also has been producing many attributes of the rings of its mother Planet Saturn. But why is it there? Why was it abandoned? Why are there no records of it existing? The Tower wants to know but at this time of restructure is unwilling to dedicate its guardians for that cause. But the intrigue is too great, the treasures within too alluring and the mysteries of the unknown haunt the Factions. They gather forces, materials and power to show favor, that they alone can go forth to this unknown for the benefit has caught their attention. This is where the ongoing and optional end game truly exists.

On a weekly basis, the same time mission/objective statements are voted and PvP materials are sent to satellite station, the Favor is granted. The consensus allows the Faction who has the most control over the majority of Plant activations, OI, and ES the privilege to find out what happened on Enceladus. On arrival, the excavation team( teams of 8 guardians) finds the exterior environment of Enceladus too cold to operate, guns immediately shatter, ghosts fall from the air, helmet vents begin to freeze over. You realize you must go down. Mainly this end game is a horde mode lasting upwards of 20 minutes per level, with each level going down being rewarded with exotic materials and lore only found here. Obviously the further down, the harder it gets and the further away from The Traveler and the weaker its light becomes. Yes, once you get too far down, you become un-revivable. However, there are challenge bosses after 6 levels which, for some unnatural reason, has harbored the light, allowing you one revive token along with Legendary Enceladus specific loot. Upon team wipe the safety tether will yank you back to the beginning of the Excavation site. Now the exotic materials collected will allow you to mod and reroll the loot obtained on Enceladus and however you can only do so when the Research facility is activated (that’s right factions will be helping each other to try and solve the mysteries of Enceladus to activate different facilities in order to use materials for rerolls in research facilities or activate Lore tomes in the Collective. Once activated they stay activated and all lore collected will be codexed in the Collective which will be sighted by which Faction found it). The furthest a faction has gone will be marked by a Faction marker and the Raid boss can only be obtained by beating the Furthest excavation point by 6 levels. Yeah I said Raid boss. This raid boss will reward ONE character of the excavation team a Raid Specific Exotic  piece of loot. And the excavation team that gets the furthest along will receive the weekly emblem and Aura of the Enceladus Prodigy (which is equippable for only that week, however the emblem will state how many times this has been awarded).

Now if you gone through this whole thing you might be asking yourself…what was that 3v3v3v3 about in Faction PvP. Yeah I have come up with a different faction. Let me know if you interested in hearing about The Anomic Seed.




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