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Community update for Sept 2020




Hope that this finds you all well and safe. I wanted to send this out a bit before the usual posting of today’s update to the Weekly Lore Roundup (WLR) to make sure everyone was aware of the changes we’re making.

In short, we’re moving away from the current website to try out Reddit as a means to distributing posts and interact with everyone predominately. This will be a trial that we run for the next few weeks, to determine if that method of disbursement is a better fit. If found that it is indeed a better fit, we’ll look to move fully over to the new subreddit (located here at r/TheLoreNetwork).

So what does this mean for our community? Nothing really – just an update on the way that you’ll be able to interact with the normal articles that usually are posted here. Reddit has an excellent format for discourse – as many of you are aware – and with some of the newer additions these past few years, has really become a powerful tool that we’re excited to explore and discover with you. Some of the things that will be set up slightly differently over on the subreddit are:

∗ Articles will be posted as their own ‘threads’, allowing more interactivity with the community.

∗ Members of The Lore Network will have their own dedicated wiki profile pages, where all their contact information and other details will be housed. 

∗ Eventually, the wiki will allow for us to continue building out things such as the Destiny Dialogue project much easier (and hopefully, more accessible).

As always, please feel free to message us through the contact form link above or through a private message over on Discord or Twitter.

With wisdom, we conquer.

Stand strong, stand tall – and keep exploring.

— Blue —



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